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Vintage red loose fit... Vintage red loose fit...
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Vintage red loose fit woolen coat 90s vintage

zł40.50 zł135.00

Vintage red loose fit woolen coat. 

Vintage from the 1990s.

Vintage condition: very good

Fabric: 45% wool, 55% polyester. Lining: acetat. 

Size: L


Shoulders 45 cm 

Chest 57 cm 

Inner sleeve 45 cm 

Total length 95 cm 

Vintage blue bomber jacket... Vintage blue bomber jacket...
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Vintage blue bomber jacket 80s vintage

zł70.00 zł80.00

Vintage blue bomber jacket.

Vintage from the 1980s.

Vintage condition: very good

Size: M


Shoulders 52 cm 

Chest 63 cm 

Sleeve length (inner) 51 cm 

Total length 59 cm