Our mission

Soma Vintage was founded in 2014 as a rebellion against fast fashion, boredom and copied schemes. It was a good and successful move as Soma quickly became number one online vintage shop in Poland - a place attracting people looking for unique and good quality vintage clothing. We strongly believe in the need of big changes concerning the clothing industry, so that our planet can turn into healthier, cleaner and happier place to live on. Giving second hand clothing another chance is one of many ways of compensating for the damages we do everyday through irresponsible shopping and unsustainable fashion. At Soma Vintage you can find carefully selected vintage clothing from the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s era. Our team consists of vintage fashion lovers who constantly keep track of the latest trends, global street style and (above all) the needs of our mindful customers who not only care about standing out from the crowd, but also choose sustainable attitude towards shopping. It all helps us to become better and better at making the best selection of vintage possible. All of the vintage items you can find in our store are carefully checked for any flaws, washed and ironed. We do our best to make all the descriptions and photographs as detailed as possible, so that they can reflect the products as they really are. 



The fashion industry is one of the most harmful industries in the world. When you choose to buy second hand/vintage clothes over new ones from the chain stores, you reduce the damaging impact of fast fashion on our planet. Unique pieces of carefully selected vintage clothing stand out not only the unique atmosphere of the previous eras, but also good quality. It will certainly last for another couple of decades to come! Did you know that in order to produce denim, factories use way more water than in production of any other clothing? So why not but a cool pair of vintage Levi's instead of boring, poor quality jeans in X or Y chain store?
We are happy you are here!
Ewa i Mateusz / Soma Vintage Team